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Not a Sheep which goes with the herds!!

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Clock won’t stop for you, to think‘. 

Why I/We Are Best For You?

I know everyone might be happy if they start learning each subjects from scratch as I did by spending hours and hours on learning and browsing for the last 19 years on technology and marketing. However, starting from scratch will cost you more. Tik-Tik.. Tik-Tik.. never stops.


We can assist you with designing a website layout or a logo which will help you stand exclusive in the path you chose to move onto.


Not an ordinary developer, looking to bash you with a website designed for a previous customer. We code your vision.


Most of the business bleeds as they think they learnt everything in few months, however, we can help u avid that xcuse which u may give later.

Social media

New era wants you to socialize and stay active. It's not only the multiple posts per day which give you fame and followers. We work on strategy.


With the busy schedule and recent lockdowns, everybody is moving towards e-com. I wish you start now or u may regret as Nokia did.

Help & Support

I know what I do and so my team. We are confident to the value we assure thus, we provide free assistance if you get stuck. For later we have AMC.

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What Clients Say

It's been tough while working with project partners residing offshore. However, with Ishaq it has always been a great experience whenever we worked on any project. He always understood and cooperated toward achieving the project goal.
John Dykes